Rich von Rauchhaupt
Web Platform Strategist & Solutions Architect
Stony Brook University | Division of Information Technology
Web Developer - Content Strategist - User Experience Designer
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SBU Drupal Platform

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Classie Evals

Classie Evals

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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

BT Context

BlueTooth Context

Crowd Saurus

Death to the Body Field

Death to the Body Field

The Headaches I Live With; The Triumphs I Celebrate

Headaches & Triumphs

Enhancing the Course Catalog

Front End Toolbox

Responsive Design Principles

Drupal in the Cloud

From Zero to Drupal

Who's the Smartest [Mirror] of Them All?

Who's the Smartest [Mirror] of Them All?


Passionate about solving problems through code, automating the mundane, telling compelling digital stories and designing tools people want to use.

The web is a collaborative space driven by the work of open source communitities and developers. It's important to give back and support these communities whenever possible.